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  • 1st edition
    Discover the Oceans: The World's Largest Ecosystem

    From both a historical and scientific point of view, above and below the surface, this engaging guide brings the world’s oceans to life through fun facts, illustrations, and in-depth information. Interactive activities appear throughout, ranging from making solar stills and simple fishing spears to experimenting with a homemade diving bell and figuring out how much water it really takes to survive.
  • vol.1
    My Father, Kim Jong-il, and I  North Korea’sExiled Son, Kim Jong-nam Speaks Out

    The abrupt death of Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s supreme leader, in late 2011 has propelled Kim Jong-un, his third and youngest son, to the helm of the reclusive communist state. As the untested young leader tries to consolidate his power, Kim Jong-nam, his half-brother who lives a life of exile in China, is keeping an eye on the precarious situation in his homeland. On January 3, 2012, just weeks after his father’s death, Kim Jong-nam sent an e-mail to a Japanese journalist asking a scathing rhetorical question: “Power transfer to the third generation is unacceptable. How can a young successor, with only two years of grooming, take over the absolute power that has been sustained for the last 37 years?”<br><br>Based on seven hours of interviews and more than 150 e-mails between Kim Jong-nam and the journalist, Yoji Gomi,< My Father, Kim Jong-il, and I North Korea’sExiled Son, Kim Jong-nam Speaks Out>gives readers around the world rare insight into North Korea through first-hand accounts from the man who holds the key to the fate of the country’s new regime.
  • Vol.1
    父・金正日と私 金正男独占告白

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