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  • Issue 3 2013

    4 issues /  $35.79 NZ

    Four Seasons Magazine

    Four Seasons Magazine brings you the best of modern luxury, travel news, global culture, gourmet cuisine and innovative style from top storytellers, thought leaders and tastemakers.  Redesigned and reinvigorated with compelling photography and behind-the-scenes videos, Four Seasons Magazine on Zinio shares the wonder of experiencing the world.
  • March 2013
  • Book

    1 issue  /  $5.13 NZ

    Shopping Design Special 五感民宿特別號


    民宿是個特別的場域,不同於冷冰冰的高級飯店,基本上你是走進別人的家裡,分享和體驗另一種生活。即便老闆本人不住在那裡,至少那也是他對理想的家的實踐。你可能帶些什麼而去,可能帶些什麼回來,在那短暫的幾日中,除了旅行本身的意義,民宿及民宿主人很可能也是撫慰你心靈的關鍵之一。 因而在民宿中,在那個對我們來說是難得的假期裡,希望能擁有五感的享受。在清晨醒來,明明白白地感受到,「這是一個假日的黎明。」
  • The Great Outdoors Guide 2014

    1 issue  /  $2.80 NZ

    The Great Outdoors Guide

    Southern Africa’s number one caravan and camping resort guide!

    Southern Africa’s number one caravan and camping resort guide lists nearly 900 caravan and camping destinations throughout South Africa's nine provinces, in addition to Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Updated annually, the guide includes detailed profiles of the very best resorts, complete with maps, illustrated directions, detailed info on facilities to be enjoyed and fun attractions nearby. Designed to fit into your cubbyhole, this handy, A5-sized guide is the perfect companion for caravaning or camping throughout southern Africa.
  • Issue Two

    4 issues /  $14.32 NZ


    Feel Good | Look Great | Live Genius

    GCaribbean is the only men’s interest publication for guys (and people) connected to the Caribbean. Curating definitive content covering style, entertainment, fitness, women, gear and life, GCaribbean channels the curiosities, panache and unabashed revelry of the islands – all from a Caribbean perspective and under the banner: FEEL GOOD, LOOK GREAT AND LIVE GENIUS.
  • Nr. 25 - Settembre 2014

    12 issues /  $25.66 NZ

    Voyager Magazine

    La rivista ufficiale del noto programma tv di divulgazione scientifica

    Voyager Magazine si pone come mezzo di divulgazione culturale, affrontando vari temi: storici, archeologici, antropologici, scientifici, tecnologici e di attualità, con lo stesso taglio giornalistico della trasmissione tv, restituendo al lettore il valore dell’approfondimento e della fruibilità tipica della carta stampata. Gli argomenti trattati durante la trasmissione sono così sviscerati, analizzati e supportati da “reportage” realizzati dalla redazione del programma. Il magazine non si rivolge al solo pubblico di appassionati di casi storici o scientifici, ma anche a tutti coloro che desiderano accrescere il proprio livello culturale, curiosi di sapere e di indagare.
  • N. 73 - Settembre 2014

    14 issues /  $12.83 NZ

    Turisti per Caso Magazine

    La più famosa rivista di viaggio scritta dai viaggiatori

    È la prima rivista scritta dai turisti per i turisti e propone percorsi, suggerimenti ed emozioni direttamente dalla voce dei viaggiatori. È il primo magazine in Italia a raccogliere i più bei diari e racconti di viaggio, offre una vasta gamma di informazioni utili e consigli indispensabili per chiunque desideri mettersi in viaggio attraverso i 5 continenti. “Turisti per Caso Magazine” ha come testimonial e autori d’eccezione Syusy Blady e Patrizio Roversi, ideatori della nota trasmissione TV “Turisti per Caso”. La coppia cura i contenuti lasciando impronte creative, suggestioni e spunti interessanti per tutti gli appassionati di viaggi.
  • No.26_Aug-14

    1 issue  /  $3.54 NZ

    Global Tourism Vision 旅@天下

    Travel is Life 感受每一次旅行的意義

    「旅@天下」為「雄獅旅遊集團.欣傳媒」出版,旨在為觀光產業供應鏈, 提供更精準的行銷渠道,同時定位為橫跨兩岸、連結世界的觀光產業期刊, 除了網羅全球觀光產業最新訊息,以專題深度報導的方式,將觀光產業供應鏈的市場趨勢, 提供給觀光產業相關之產、官、學及企業客戶參考。
  • Issue 61

    6 issues /  $53.69 NZ

    Voyage de Luxe

    Le magazine des voyages et des hôtels de rêve.

    Le magazine N°1 en France des amateurs d’hôtels de rêve et de destinations rares ! Adresses inédites, circuits exclusifs, spas, restaurants, shopping… Les tests et reportages réalisés par des journalistes aguerris vous donnent les clés pour voyager dans des lieux préservés où l’hospitalité est un art.
  • Aout 2014

    5 issues /  $38.37 NZ

    Discover Corsica

    Travel in Corsica

    The only magazine in English on the most beautiful island in the world.
  • July 2014

    4 issues /  $19.09 NZ

    Food and Travel Quarterly

    Plan your next vacation with Food and Travel Quarterly today.

    Food and Travel Quarterly brings together culture,cuisine,We touch every season to highlight the best from Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Our content shares experiences that reveal a true sense of place—turning adventure vacations, family trips, and weekend getaways into transformative journeys.
  • 2014

    1 issue  /  $6.16 NZ

    WegSleep DIY Guide

    It’s time to get grease under your fingernails.

    In the WegSleep DIY Guide you can find 34 projects to tackle at home – from building your own biltong box to servicing the bearings on the wheels of your caravan. The DIY Guide features step by step instructions and illustrations to help you with each project.
  • No.953_Sep-14

    1 issue  /  $10.31 NZ

    月刊山と溪谷 デジタル版


    忙しい日常に疲れたとき、山に行ってみませんか? 身近な山から、8000mを越えるヒマラヤまで、山にはさまざまな魅力があります。「ヤマケイ」の名前で親しまれる『山と溪谷』では身近な低山、里山、一度は行ってみたい日本アルプスや富士山、日本百名山、さらには世界各地の山と渓谷を紹介。山登りは初めてという初心者から、海外登山の最新情報を求めるベテラン登山者まで、季節ごとの山の話題と最新情報、読み応えのある特集記事、美しいカラーグラフ、便利な登山用具情報、すぐに使えるエリアガイドなど、実用記事ももりだくさん。単なる登山雑誌・山の雑誌としてではなく、総合的に自然の魅力や環境問題なども掲載。
  • No.38_Jul-14
  • Vol.11_Jan-14

    1 issue  /  $6.88 NZ

    Bicycle Plus バイシクルプラス


  • Vol 16, No 2

    4 issues /  $19.09 NZ

    MACO Caribbean Living

    MACO Caribbean Living is the ultimate lifestyle magazine showcasing Caribbean architecture and design, Caribbean cuisine, Caribbean art and Caribbean travel. The magazine is a coffee table book magazine containing stunning photography and in-depth editorial on the subject matter. This magazine has won the International printers award for design 4 years in a row.
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