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  • 2014
    Home Yard

    Content will include everything included in the “yard” of a home – vegetable and herb gardening, recipes from the garden, pets, solutions for washing lines and dirt bins, pools and pool care, how to make your own compost, inspiration for your stoep, solution for wendy houses and your garage.
  • 2014
    Tuis Werf

    Die inhoud sluit alles oor die werf rondom jou huis in – blom- en groentetuine, resepte uit die tuin, troeteldiere, planne met wasgoedlyne en vullisblikke, jou swembad, komposhope, inspirasie vir jou stoep, die Wendyhuisie en jou motorhuis.
  • 2014
    WOOD® Ultimate Man Caves Bundle

    It's never been easier (or more fun!) to turn your boring basement or garage into the tricked-out, big-boy playground of your dreams!

    It's never been easier (or more fun!) to turn your boring basement or garage into the tricked-out, big-boy playground of your dreams! With the WOOD® Ultimate Man Caves Bundle, you'll get all the know-how and how-to you need to do everything from framing to flooring … in as little as a weekend! Steel-lined Car Caves … Backyard Brewpubs … Chromed-Up Harley Hangouts … plus hundreds more detailed photos and instructions to guide you to success every time. Your Ultimate Man Caves Bundle includes Man Caves 2014, Dream Garages and Shops 2013, Great Garage Makeovers 2011, Man Caves 2012, and Great Garage Makeovers 2010.
  • 2014
    WOOD® Build A Better Backyard Bundle

    Build your dream deck, make the most of your outdoor space and save money by doing it yourself with the WOOD® Build A Better Backyard Bundle

    Build your dream deck, make the most of your outdoor space and save money by doing it yourself with the WOOD® Build A Better Backyard Bundle! We show you how easy it is to add arbors, benches, pergolas, patios, planters and more to make your backyard the envy of your neighborhood. Choose from over 70 projects with full-color, step-by-step photos and easy-to-follow instructions guaranteed to guide you from prep to finish in a weekend … or less! Your Build a Better Backyard Bundle includes Best-Ever Projects 2014, Decks & Backyards 2014, Best-Ever Projects 2012, Best-Ever Projects 2009.
  • Creative Spaces Vol. 3
    Creative Spaces Vol. 3

    Where you create inspires what you create

    This best-selling special issue is back again with even more room inspiration, storage and décor projects, and behind-the-scenes peeks at dozens of crafting spaces. We'll also show you how to get these inspiring looks with easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself approaches that are both beautiful and practical.
  • No.1_Jul-14


  • No.619_May-14
    別冊山と溪谷 登山用具2014


    夏のアルプスに行きたい!ハイキングを始めたい! 登山初心者・初級者の道具選びの悩みにこたえる、最新登山道具の選び方、買い方がわかる本。 編集部セレクトの2014最新モデルも一挙掲載。 「夏山のお買い物」はこれ一冊でOK! ●夏山の格好 スタイルサンプル ●夏山のキホン 「夏山ってどんなところ?」「まずはこれを買おう」・・・etc ●夏山装備の基礎知識、選び方、カタログ  登山靴、ザック、パンツ、レインウェア、ベースレイヤー、中間着、防寒着、ウインドシェル、ソフトシェル、ウェア系アクセサリー、機能系タイツ、ゲイター、ヘッドライト、トレッキングポール、ボトル、ストーブ、クッカー&カトラリー、テント、ツェルト、寝袋、マット、枕
  • No.620_Jun-14
    別冊 山と溪谷 富士山ブック2014


    数ある富士登山ガイド本の中で、もっとも歴史のある『富士山ブック』。 2014年、富士山に登るために必ず読んでおきたい一冊です。 正確で詳細なコースガイド情報、登山口までの交通情報や宿泊する山小屋情報など、富士登山に必要なすべてのデータを、最新情報にアップデートしています。 さらに、富士山を快適に楽しく登るための、アイディアやノウハウがたっぷり詰め込まれています。2014年版ならではの目玉企画も目白押しです。富士山デビューの登山者はもちろん、いつもとは違った楽しみ方も検討したいリピーター登山者にもきっと楽しんでもらえるはずです。 ●綴じ込み付録 富士山登頂ルート詳細マップ(電子版も各頁毎に掲載)●富士登山ルポルタージュ(吉田ルート/御殿場ルート) ●特別企画|Mt.Fuji Style Book●定番企画|富士山登頂ルート&お鉢めぐりガイド●総力特集|Q&A富士山の登り方、楽しみ方 ●特別企画|山麓から登る富士山ロングトレイル●寄稿|富士山をめぐるワンデイハイク●寄稿|お墨付きの絶景ポイント「お札」の富士山●富士山便利帳
  • No.36_Aug-14
    自転車人 JitenshaJin


    特集:空と高原のロングライド SKY RIDE IN SUMMER  爽やかな空気を感じながら、大きな空を駆けるように走る「高原ロングライド」の魅力を紹介! サイクリング特集:北海道、関東周辺・信州などの、高原ロングライドコースの魅力を伝えます。 用具企画 ●ツーリング向けシューズ最新事情 ●ロングライドを楽しむためのタイヤ学 コースガイド連載:週末サイクリング・ベストコース 伊豆/長野/三宅島&伊豆大島
  • Jul-14
    Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Special 2014

    Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Special 2014

    Get this special issue of Entertainment Weekly for the 2014 Comic-Con preview, including a sneak peek at Marvel’s Age of Ultron and other geektastic film and TV projects. Plus, digital readers can enjoy clips and trailers from some of Comic-Con's coolest offerings.
  • No.103_Jul-14
    バディ badi


    創刊20年。日本のゲイ雑誌No.1! 日本のカッコいいモデルはもちろん、国内外のゲイ情報、コミック、ノベルス、アダルトコンテンツ、などをパッケージした、あなたのゲイライフを応援するエンターテイメント誌です。 ※デジタル版には付録DVDは収録されておりません。
  • Cycle Racing: How to Train, Race & Win Vol 1
    Cycle Racing: How to Train, Race & Win

    Get to grips with the exciting sport of cycle racing with this ultimate guide.

    Get to grips with the exciting sport of cycle racing with this ultimate guide. Follow our guide to the various types of cycle racing, from road racing and time trialling to mountain biking and track racing, and discover advice on essential equipment, health, nutrition and race tactics. Before you know it, you'll be the next Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Rebecca Romero or Bradley Wiggins! Featuring: Getting started - Discover the basics of cycle racing, including the essential equipment you'll need. Training techniques - Learn the basic and advanced training principles. Racing - Follow our detailed guides to the different forms of cycle racing. Troubleshooting & stretching - Be prepared for the physical strain on your body.
  • Hollywood Scandals
    Hollywood Scandals

    Secrets Of The Stars Uncensored!

    Behind the glamour of the red carpet, even the most straight-laced A-Listers have skeletons in their closets they're desperate to hide. But in this Now Special we've uncovered all the juiciest secrets they hoped you'd never find out- from sex scandals to haunted hotels and mysterious murders.
  • July 7, 2014
    The Big Issue

    A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out

    The Big Issue is a UK-based street paper that supports the homeless, the vulnerably housed asnd those seeking to escape poverty. Vendors normally buy the magazine for £1.25 and sell to the public for £2.50. We are using Zinio digital editions to create additonal revenue opportunities to fund our street-based and pastoral care services for our vendors. We are a social enterprise company and all revenues go to support the vulnerable communities we serve. Our goal is to move our vendors away from dependency and towards full time employment
  • August 2014
    ELLE Magazine Germany

    ELLE – the world’s biggest selling fashion magazine.

    ELLE richtet sich an moderne, elegante Frauen, die sich in Sachen Trends inspirieren lassen und ihren persönlichen Stil perfektionieren wollen. ELLE hat einen ästhetischen, eleganten High-End-Anspruch in allen Lebensbereichen: Mode, Beauty, Kultur, Reise, Lifestyle. ELLE schätzt die schönen und wertvollen Aspekte des Lebens – aber ohne Snob-Appeal und immer auf Augenhöhe mit der Leserin. Jeden Monat überzeugt ELLE durch herausragende Mode-Produktionen und kunstvolle Beauty-Fotostrecken mit Service auf höchstem Niveau.
  •  Baseball America: Hall of Fame
  • Spring/Summer 2014
    House & Home: Decorating with White

    A step-by-step guide for every room.

    House & Home's newest guide, "Decorating with White", is the go-to source for decorating in the most popular palette. Decorating with White explores all the ways that white can be used to create rooms that are fresh and timeless.
  • Kathryn Bernardo Fan Magazine
    Kathryn Bernardo Fan Magazine

    Kathryn: A Candy Fan Magazine has tons in store for fans who want to get even more acquainted with the bright young star

    Discover random truths about Kath by learning 18 fast facts straight from the 18-year-old actress. Gain a clearer picture of theTeen Queen’s off-screen personality as she reveals her thoughts on becoming an adult, her love of traveling, the biggest challenge she faces as an actress, how she deals with haters,and whether or not she feels like she’s missing out on regular life. Pore over exclusive snapshots, including childhood photos, kilig Kathniel snaps, and celeb-filled pics from her recent debut. Finally, cop the teen idol’s ultra-pretty style with fashion, hair, and makeup tips, and snag her sweet disposition by learning her inspiring quotes by heart.
  • Raspberry Pi 21 Brilliant Projects
    Raspberry Pi 21 Brilliant Projects

    Discover how to get the most from your Pi

    Discover how to get the most from your Pi with a variety of hands-on projects suitable for any user. Follow our plain English, step-by-step instructions, and before long you’ll be a Pi pro! Within this guide's pages, you’ll learn how to take control of the Pi and use it in a variety of hands-on projects. From an absolute beginner unpacking a Pi for the first time to a hacker looking to make the jump from rival platforms, you’ll find something of interest to get your teeth into within these pages, with clear, plain English instructions for each step along the way – and soon you’ll be a Pi professional!
  • How to Build an Android App
    How to Build an Android App

    Discover what it takes to write an app

    Inside this magazine, we teach you how to create apps for Android, one of the most popular phone operating systems in the world. You’ll find all the information you need to set up your PC for creating smartphone apps, and detailed guides on how to use the coding tools. We’ll teach you all the essentials, including how to design your app for different sized screens, how to make it available to other people, and how to use freely available code to add extra features with the minimum of work. Along the way, you’ll learn the key concepts of coding using the Basic4Android system, so even if you’ve never written a computer program before you’ll be able to create your first app in no time.
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