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  • December 22, 2014
    OK! Magazine Australia

    Go beyond the red carpet!

    OK! magazine takes you behind the velvet rope and inside the lives and homes of your favourite celebrities from Australia and around the world. A celebrity magazine for lovers of style, substance and sophistication, OK! is all about giving you what you want, every week.
  • Christmas 2014
    Stitch Craft Create AU/NZ

    Stitch Craft Create Australia/New Zealand is a quarterly magazine devoted to celebrating a creative lifestyle. Inspiring and innovative how-to projects, Stitch Craft Create AU/NZ offers a “can-do” approach to developing creative ambition and handmade originality.
  • Amateur Photographer's Complete Guide to Photography
    Amateur Photographer's Complete Guide to Photography

    Essential tips and techniques to improve your photography brought to you by the UK's leading weekly photography magazine.

    One Shot - Winter 2014. Amateur Photographer's Complete Guide to Photography is the essential photographer's handbook covering all the basics with plenty of techique and image editing tips.
  • New Royal Family
    New Royal Family

    Celebrating the new era for Britain's historic royal family

    The story of Prince William and Catherine Middleton is one that has captured the imagination of the world. In New Royal Family, we examine not just the immediate family that are paving the way for George’s eventual reign, but also the history of royal births and how tradition still plays a large part in the lives of the royal family. We chart the relationship between Catherine and William, from meeting at university to their marriage, watched by millions. We also take a look at the first year of Prince George’s life, from his christening steeped in tradition, to his first public engagements, and the new addition to the family, expected in April 2015. This is the story of a monarchy for the 21st Century, at the same time both incredibly historic, and excitingly modern. Featuring: A Low Key Courtship - Discover the story of Catherine and William's first years as a couple. Careers - How did the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spend their years before marriage? The Wedding - Take a look behind the scenes of the most high-profile wedding of the 21st Century. The Future of the Family - From George's first year, to another pregnancy, find out what the future holds for the Cambridge family.
  • Diciembre 2014

    La revista de especialistas en el mundo de la moto para especialistas

    La revista mensual del mundo de la moto más leída de España. Todo sobre las dos ruedas, dedicada especialmente al usuario habitual. Ofrece información internacional, pruebas exclusivas, amplia sección dedicada al turismo en moto, consultorio mecánico…
  • January 2015
    Man Magnum

    The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity.

    The leading magazine for the South African hunting and conservation fraternity. Suid-Afrika se top-tydskrif vir die jagter en bewaarder.
  • N 02
    Cuisine Actuelle Best Of

    For people who are interested about food and cooking

    Découvrez dans Cuisine Actuelle Best Of une sélection par saison des meilleures recettes, produits et ingrédients.
  • December 2014 - February 2015
    Photo Review

    Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels. Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos. The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.
  • No.131_Dec-14
    BRAND 名牌誌


    BRAND名牌誌於2004年創立,涵括了來自世界各地的名牌精品、設計時尚,是華人世界第一本專注名牌的精品雜誌。不同於其他女性雜誌,除了為新女性帶來備受尊榮、廣度深度兼具的精品訊息及流行資訊,更在實用面有深入的分析。BRAND以名牌為根基,將品味的精髓延伸到食、衣、住、行,BRAND所傳達的「Beyond Fashion(超越時尚)、Brainy(有頭腦)、Be self(做自己)、Bella(愛漂亮)」新精品態度,讓新女性不只學會買好東西,還懂得享受好生活。
  • No.1_Sep-14
    『新建築』 2014年9月別冊


    「あべのハルカス」を通じて竹中工務店の高いデザイン、エンジニアリング力を紹介―高さ300mの日本一の超高層ビル「あべのハルカス」が2014年春に完成しました。駅・百貨店・美術館・オフィス・ホテル・展望台など多様な機能が集まるこの建築はひとつの都市です。超高層建築と都市の新たな関係をご覧頂ける特集号です。 レビュー:槇文彦 中沢新一 髙田光雄 和田章 田辺新一 森俊子 柴崎友香 撮影:鈴木久雄 中道淳 新建築社 ABENO HARUKAS displays advanced design and engineering skills of TAKENAKA CORPORATION. ABENO HARUKAS, the Japan's tallest supertall building with 300m height, was completed in Spring 2014. This skyscraper forms a city where various functions are compacted, such as station, department store, museum, office, hotel, observatory. This special issue will show you a new relationship between a supertall building and a city. Essays by Fumihiko Maki, Shinichi Nakazawa, Mitsuo Takada, Akira Wada, Shin-ichi Tanabe, Toshiko Mori and Tomoka Shibasaki. Photos by Hisao Suzuki, Atushi Nakamichi and Shinkenchiku-Sha
    Elle Specials

    ELLE SPECIALS sind themenspezifische und saisonorientierte Extra-Ausgaben

    "ELLE – the world’s biggest selling fashion magazine. ELLE richtet sich an moderne, elegante Frauen, die sich in Sachen Trends inspirieren lassen und ihren persönlichen Stil perfektionieren wollen. ELLE SPECIALS sind themenspezifische und saisonorientierte Extra-Ausgaben. Hier ist Platz sich mit einzelnen Themen wie Fashion, Beauty oder Schmuck noch intensiver auseinanderzusetzen."
  • Diciembre 2014


  • No.1_Jan-15
    ar アール

  • Gli Speciali di Focus Storia: Il novecento in Italia
    Gli Speciali di Focus Storia: Il novecento in Italia

    Fotostoria di un secolo

    La fotografia ha accompagnato gli italiani per tutto il Novecento. Arrivando a cambiarne le opinioni e i gusti. Ecco come i nostri nonni, i nostri genitori e noi siamo cambiati davanti (e dietro) la macchina fotografica
  • How It Works Book of Mega Machines
    How It Works Book of Mega Machines

    A look inside some of the world's most incredible machines

    Whether they're trucks, cars, boats, planes or the huge haulers that carry goods around the world every day, machines are fascinating. Here, you'll find out all about these amazing machines, and find answers to questions like 'how big is the world's tallest monster truck?' You'll find out all about the incredible technology that has helped humans to venture into space, as well as out-there inventions like drones and jet packs. Get ready for a ride through some of the world's most mega machines! Featuring: Incredible cars and bikes - From the greatest cars on earth to the smallest motorbike Mega giants - Be amazed by these massive machines World's fastest vehicles - Blink and you'll miss these speedy numbers Extreme engineering - Marvels of scientific innovation that have changed their industries
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab The Complete Manual
    Samsung Galaxy Tab The Complete Manual

    Independent guides to essential techniques

    The only publication you'll need to get started with your Samsung Galaxy Tab - whatever the model, this book will guide you through the basics as well as more advanced uses of Samsung's flagship tablet. If you want to get the most out of your Tab, this is where to start. Featuring: Setting up and Orientation - Explore how to get started with your brand new Tab and how to use hand gestures to interact with the tablet How to use - Find out how to get the benefit of all of your Tab's amazing functions and uses, everything from making turning your Tab on and off to watching videos in landscape mode Settings - Everything you need to know about personalising your tablet to your preferences, to make your Tab truly yours. Essential apps - A thorough look at all the native and third party apps you have to have on your Tab
  • iPad for Boomers
    iPad for Boomers

    The complete guide to getting started with your iPad

    Learn how to get started with your brand-new iPad. Discover what your tablet is truly capable of, and follow the simple guides to set up your iPad and start using it. From browsing the web and sending emails to setting up security and making notes, this book covers everything you'll need. Whether you want to take pictures and share them with loved ones, or chat to your friends around the world for free, this book explains everything in an easy-to-understand manner. Featuring: Get up and running - Discover how to get started with your iPad Chat to family and friends - Keep in contact with your loved ones Create and share - Take beautiful pictures, edit images, make lists and much more Enjoy and relax - Read books, watch TV shows, listen to music, play games and download the best apps
  • HTML5 & CSS3 The Complete Manual
    HTML5 & CSS3 The Complete Manual

    The essential handbook for web designers

    HTML5 & CSS3 were first implemented in 2012. Since then, web design has excelled, becoming an art form that almost seems like technical wizardry. This book aims to show you what can be achieved with essential techniques. Featuring: Introducing HTML - Get to grips with the basics of HTML5 Introducing CSS - Learn the beginnings of CSS Responsive Web Design - Make your site adaptable to mobile devices Bootstrap - Create a responsive website
  • How It Works Book of Science Experiements
    How It Works Book of Science Experiements

    Everything you need to know to bring science to life

    With dozens of amazing science experiments that can be easily tried at home, the How It Works Book of Science Experiments is the perfect companion for every young scientist in the making. The book is packed with explosive activities and incredible projects – from making mega bubbles to building a matchbox microphone – and features a foreword by the brilliant Robert Winston. Featuring: The Material World - An investigation into the world of chemistry, and the exciting study of matter Electricity and Magnetism - Discover the electrifying science behind lightning, magnetism and more The Natural World - Investigate the incredible world around us with a range of awesome experiments focused on nature Home Experiments - Put your scientific know-how to the test with these fantastic experiments from the How It Works team.
  • Octubre 2014
    Revista Construir

    Medio de comunicación especializado en el sector construcción de América Central y el Caribe.

    Con 10 años de trayectoria en el mercado, Construir es el primer y único medio de comunicación para la industria de la construcción en la región, consolidándose en una herramienta de consulta para los profesionales en el sector, al ofrecer información útil y novedosa para el desempeño de las labores diarias y la toma de decisiones técnicas, administrativas y financieras.
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